The Author

jennifer-maimone-authorJennifer Maimone was born in Southern California and grew up as the youngest, and only daughter, of three kids. Growing up, Jennifer always had an affinity for the dark and supernatural. Her favorite TV shows and movies to watch were Gargoyles, The Crow, The Labyrinth and Predator. She also was (and still is) a great fan of The Phantom of the Opera.

Jennifer started to get into the paranormal in the 6th grade when a friend showed her a book about unsolved mysteries and the supernatural. Up until that point, Jennifer never thought such things actually existed. She was hooked on learning whatever she could about the supernatural from that moment on. She was so enthralled by it that during her years at Alverno High School, her classmates would avoid her during Halloween, mostly because they thought she would do ‘witchy’ things. Jennifer found this very amusing, but she always reassured to the fact she never practiced the occult — only researched.

Jennifer graduated from college in 2009, and later that year became a special effects makeup artist for independent films. She started a freelancing business with UnmaskedFX, and has been approached a few times by the FaceOff TV program to be part of their show.

Jennifer started writing Alpha Wolf Series’s first book, Demon’s Prize, in 2012, and after opening her own small publishing business, Light and Dark Imagination, she had Demon’s Prize published. Jennifer is currently working on A Cursed Soul, the sequel to Demon’s Prize.

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