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So, I have a lot of author friends who are super cool and amazing writers. They are pretty much across the board awesome. I read their books. I read strangers’ books. I pretty much love books.

But every once in awhile, I come across a book that makes me sick.

It doesn’t make me sick because it’s bad or naughty or full of death. Books that make me sick are the kind of books that are such freaking page turners that I do one of two things… (Read full review here)

— Carrie Jones, Author of the NEED Series

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A real page turner, Demon’s Prize was a surprising read for me. I didn’t know I was such a little chicken! After my first night reading, I realized my reading would have to be during the day. Very creepy, but so much fun! Demonic type stuff usually freaks me out, but this book has an interesting array of supernatural concoctions that keep you glued to each page… including werewolves! My favorite!

The author is extremely creative and has a real command of language. The characters are well constructed and very likeable. Brent was absolutely fantastic, a wonderfully written character. The story flows well and the twists will keep you wanting more. This new author is definitely one to watch. I’m looking forward to her future works! (Read full review here)

— Misty, #NerdGirlShadow Blogger Review

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moon-pentagramI really enjoyed this novel. Through classic young adult writing conventions, Maimone crafts a story involving supernatural beings that is not only—at the core—a great werewolf tale, but a story that balances out elements of horror, thriller, and young adult drama to absolutely beat the pants off of any sparkling vampire story out there. (Read full review here)

— Laura Dunlap, Social Horror Online Magazine

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